Hello, I am a shareholder of APE. I come from Berlin/Germany, therefore please excuse my less good English. I have read in the past few weeks a lot about APE in various forums. But the more I read, the more uncertain I become. It is not to understand why the share price has fallen so vehemently. Still, I can not imagine that our money is burned at this time. A very strange role plays Forbes & Manhattan with the CEO Neil Ringdahl. Another company with an F & B - CEO is Rodinia Lithium (V: RM). The name of the CEO there is William Randall. A closer look reveals that exactly at RM plays the same as with APE although the property of RM is not in Bolivia but in Argentina. The latest news there also was in October 2013, and the price of RM is rushed also into the depths. Finally I am therefore of the view that the low share price of APE is not primarily because of the lack of the mining law, but on the strange business of F & B behind the scenes. Regards, Barkmann