Venezuela, with Chavez MIA for months now, just devalued their currency by 46% yesterday in a desperate attempt to kick start export and revenue growth.  Possibly due to weak global oil demand. Imagine waking up today and losing half of your purchasing power.  Only a matter of time that the dollar shortages bring panic inflation over 20%.  When citizens realize what just happened they will topple what's left of the hardcore Marxists.  Venezuela has already stopped some subsidy programs to Bolivia and if Oil support ends, Bolivia could have surprise inflation.  Point is days are numbered for closed, corrupt, interventionist governments.  The invisible hand of the free market will correct the inefficiencies in back-handed fashion.  Free economies such as Chile and now Colombia are examples for prosperity.  As sad as these devaluations are, they will be someone's gain.  $50,000 may just buy you a beach house on a pristine Venezuelan beach or acres upon acres of farmland in Bolivia when sellers become desperate.  When the dust settles and markets free up, stocks like Apogee will explode.