No Finnthecelt the only thing holding this stock is the mining law thats supposed to come out this month. If it is well received by institutions and miners, expect this stock to rocket and i dont mean just a double on the s.p. because, it is so undervalued with it's silver underground worth only (actually i just redid the calc ) .17c/ounce, it needs to move up to a higher multiple. While it's peers enjoy silver in the ground/ounce  premiums over a $1.00 and all the way up to $7.00, Apogee on other hand is depressed at .17c/ounce of silver  in the ground.  Even Dolly Varden with 1/20the the size of Apogees deposit gets a silver premium of $1.00/ounce of silver. So you can see how much Apogee can potentially move up  but it all comes down to the mining law Yes i know we said it 10 million times I am sure 10 more million wont hurt.   

Also i totally agree with you on silver outdoing gold. Infact i posted awhile ago about silver potentially doing better than gold because the cash cost for gold is 2/3 of the POG while the cash cost for silver for most companies is about 1/3 of POSilver. So it's better to be invested in silver than gold