I need to make a small change with my last post. I said they may sell a small % of  their shares and buy back when market strenghtens however, at the end, they may buy to have the same amount or (i should have said) add more to their holdings.  This in Apogees case will depend on the mining law that's supposed to come out this month.....Again if it is to everyones liking, i believe institutions, insiders, and new ones, will rush to have a chunk of Apogee. That includes Sprott as well.    I think everybodys numbers here at SH could be right  and that just tells us nobody knows for sure. Is it important ? From my point of view not really however, the amount of shares they hold is though. We should keep an eye on institutional holders and the turn over rate.

Arlington have you deceiphered any more spanish on Bolivian news about the mining law