I discovered this board only a week ago. I have read some of the posts here and think they are much more informative and positive than some of the Yahoo message boards that I have been. While I like reading other people's posts, I also want to share any information that might be useful.  It's in everyone's (well, most shareholders's) best interest to help raise the company's profile and thus share price.

A lot of information on message boards can be inaccurate or even misleading. There's nothing wrong to dsipute any posts. I myself don't just believe any numbers or "facts" that are posted on any message board. We all need to do our own research and filter the information.

To me, the most important benefit of participating a message board is to get a better idea about the sentiment of the market, especially that of people who hold the same or similar stocks as I do.  The information shared here can also be a starting point to look further or from a different perspective. (For example, I learned about APE when tracking CDE and PZG.) I have found a lot of posts here very useful, saving me a lot of time. They have helped me know APE better and faster.