stock I've ever owned. They have a good ore body and can prove it but the stock price just keeps going down and nobody knows why. Some of the comments on here are good but there also a lot of BS. If that isn't a formula for frustration I don't know what is but I intend to hang on to my shares till the price goes up or I die, so if anyone thinks I'm going to bail they are nuts. In 2011 I bailed out of RIM at $21 and watched it fall to single digits and never bought back in. The selling part was the smart part but there is no way I intend to bail out of APE below 10 cents since that would be the wrong move but it doesn't alter the fact that the recent price action is driving me crazy. Once this Apogee situation is finally settled and I've sold my shares for a profit I think I will just stick to GIC's as the stock market has got too complex for an old farmer like me.