First of, if you would like to send an email to Marshall. His email address is [email protected] Maybe one of you can manage to get more out of him then me. 

At this point of time it looks like everybody is waiting for the mining law to come out. Any financing deals, buy out or Neil the CEO to buy his own shares would most likely to come out after the announcement of the mining law.  Until then it's all about patience.

The whole sector as we all said previously is being discounted. Selling this one and moving to another mining stock will not make it any better. There are junior and mid cap mining companies that are in the same limbo as Apogee and some that are worse off.  

I am here because i see a huge opportunity with this company. Apogee is one of very few companies with a very high grade silver deposit where,of the 117 mil ounces, 80 mil is in the M&I category and has a FS out. Yet it's silver in the ground is priced at .20 /ounce when the average silver miner gets over $4.00 and change.  Ofcource it's discounted to this extend because of the perceived political risk however, if the mining law, when it comes out, is well received, we all know this stock is going to fly. With this, at minimum, it's silver underground will and should be rerated at a price of $1.00/ounce which will bring the s.p up to 80 milx$1.00/300 mil = about .26c to a maximum of $4.00  because of the very high grade nature of the deposit which in this case should bring the s.p up to 80milx$4.00/300mil shares outstanding =$1.10 If it gets taken over after the mining law comes out it should go well above the .26c s.p. If it does become a producer, well....there are target prices all the way up to $6.00 and they are all still valid.

Neil in his email did say that there are few institutions already interested in a financing deal but, now that the mining law could come out in February, i would expect a financing deal to be done sometime after that. 

Lastly you must understand the instittutions always play games with retail investors. Somebody is gotta be the bag holder. If you dont understand the potential value you have in hand, the institutions will frustrate you by moving the s.p up and down until you end up selling your shares and then make you chase the stock later at a higher price.

I used to own the shares of company formerly known as Aber diamond Bought it at $20 and change The stock came down to $6.00 and then with in a 15 month period moved up over $40 Later it was sold