There are many analyst who recommend getting into sectors when theres a blood bath. I think TSX venture and the stocks are actually swimming in it. If the fiscal cliff does not turn out to be to the benefit of the market, I believe investors will sell their holdings in large and dividend paying stocks and move into stocks that got crushed and offer tremendeous upside.  So the reason i asked will TSX venture benefit from the down turn in the market.

I still cant believe that having close to 80 million ounces of silver in the measured and indicated category the market is only paying .20c for every ounce of silver Apogee has in the ground when POSilver is around $31.00. I can understand the (.20c)being applied to, in the inferred category where theres generally more work to be done to prove up the reserves. 

I was watching BNN and I will start by saying In "Don Velleaue we trust" I am sure you all know who i am reffering to He's the technical analyst, expert in seasonality  trade. A few days ago he was on BNN talking about market in general The few things he said are generally all happening as we speak. He did say POSilver would bottom around this time and continued saying price of Silver along with silver companies will go up between January and March. 

Lastly will POSilver go over $100? IMO, Yes it will however, it wont be today, tomorrow next month or in the next 6 months Thats why we have a hard time seeing POSilver over $100. but, inflation is coming whether you believe it or not. With all this money printing it is inevitable.