I don't know the exchange rules but I am wondering with this low stock price could the Blankstein's and or good friends slowly buy up enough stock to switch Andover to a private company?  What would that do for us stock holders?


Again, I still can't see why Andover stock price is 11 times less than Nova Copper's sp.

To add to Luker222; Nova Copper's play in Alaska may be bigger and better but their land is 30% owned by the natives and Nova Copper at some point will have to pay 30% of their profits back to those natives. 

I remember on one of Gordon Blanstein's You Tube Blah Blah Videos, that Andover's claim was on goverment land so Andover will not have to pay a cut to the natives.  That should be a good thing but the stock price does not show it.  The stock price must be based more on that "Higher Math" that nobody understood in grade 12.