Apples to apples comparison needed. Can't compare the two using SP without considering #outstanding shares.

Per MCAP , NOVA is ~ 5X that of AOX

Per a brief review of NOVA's r 43-101 compliant (Very important) resource, NOVA has ~5 billion pounds of copper at 7% equivalence   [takes into account other metals present and uses "in situ" value (assumes 100% extraction of metal) ]

AOX has ~2 billion pounds of copper at ~4.5% equivalence (includes in situ silver, lead , and zinc)

This alone should equate to at least 2.5X MCAP of NOVA compared to AOX

Premium given to NOVA (or discount applied to AOX) due to 43-101 compliance.

Also, NOVA had $29 million in the till (as of 8/31/2012)


The above extremely crude comparison (but serves as an initial starting point) would need to assume all else being equivalent (ie. exsiting/proximity to infrastructure, relationships with First Nations, progress along the development path..etc...).

I don't know NOVA at all in terms of its other assests, or  as to how they might compare to AOX's stable of non-Alaskan properties.

Cheers, Luker.