I agree, I wish management would be more forth coming with information.  I would suggest contacting Investors Relations to see what information they might be able to forward.  I have on a couple occasions and received a very quick response.  What I have been told is that meetings have been held about the JV and it is proceeding as expected.  Of course they can't disclose everything.

My thoughts are that things take a lot of time, more than most people understand (meetings, studies, permits... blah blah blah).  I would expect knews for the JV very soon and then I would expect (from what we've been told) that things would begin pretty quickly at the Trixie.  But then again, meetings, studies, permits...

I've watched all of the videos/interviews with Gordan and they are never phrased in an "if" things happen but instead "when".  It does seem like things keep getting strung along.  Trixie production was to begin in 2011 according to some interviews.  One interview from June 2012, he gave a 2 - 4 year expected time frame.

Let us know if anyone finds any other information