Nice to see the new posters, and to see some enthusiasm for this stock. But given we're at all time lows, it's hard for those of us whose blood is all over the floor to get excited. So do any of you new posters have any idea what the flying F is going on? Anyone have the vaguest clue what these African investments actually amount to? Or how many years it might be until the acquisitions translate into shareholder value?

Or why Wellington went from trying to buy 40 million shares to dumping everything? Why institutional ownership is now down to about 5%? And that number includes, I think, Francese's shares held through Prosper.

Insider buying sucks. Take out Goodisman and factor in the share price and the real investment by current BOD members amounts to pocket change - even at all time lows.

I'm among the few on this board who was willing to give the new BOD some time to back up all their talk. But I'm out of patience. These MF'ers may think they know what they're doing. And they may. But they sure as hell ain't communicating that to shareholders and they sure as hell ain't convincing anyone else of their competence. Not even themselves apparently. 

It seems we've swapped one group of clowns for another. Nothing more.