stockwrestler, don't think this link is very credible...looks like a doom and gloom spam message with a rigged poll.  I haven't seen a poll yet that doesn't place the blame for this mess squarely at the GOP House.  Even Fox News' poll backs that up, while CNN has over 70% of Americans blaming Congress.  This poll doesn't seem realistic and when you read the rest of the article, it looks like the same fearmongering BS that we saw back in 2008 when the gold bugs were frantically trying to convince everyone that the Canadian banks were on the verge of collapse.  Not to mention, there is NO fiscal's more like a gentle speedbump.  If December 31st passes with no deal, what will happen?  Nothing really.  Tax rates go back to where they were under Bill Clinton and there will be some across the board cuts in spending, namely in defense, which wastes an inordinate amount of American tax dollars every year too.  This fiscal "cliff" is a big joke and the GOP are falling over each other to make sure that the richest 2% of Americans stay that way at the expense of everyone else.


As for AOS, some upward momentum and reasonable trading volumes lately - any theories?