And now that the blackout is obviously lifted and given the Francese-led dissidents' criticims during the the proxy battle of the paultry level of share ownership among the previous BOD and management team and if these guys believe a fraction of their own rhetoric about rebuilding shareholder value, we should be seeing a slew of insider buys over the days ahead. According to INK's insider report, Francese and Goodisman own a ton, McDowall owns a lousy 100k, Sokolow is even worse at 50k, and Metcalfe now owns 130k and should keep buying. BOD member and interim CEO Binh Vu owns none. Nor does CFO Michael Galloro.

If their criticism of the former management team and BOD was valid when AOS was trading in the mid-teens and up (and it was), it sure as freak is valid today at sub-10 cents.