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Alberta Oilsands Inc V.AOS

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s): AOSDF

Alberta Oilsands, is an early stage oil sands exploration and development company focused in the Athabasca region of north-east Alberta. AOS has 140.5 sections of oil sands leases with a resource base of more than five billion barrels of bitumen in place.
Price: $0.16 | Change: +$0.005 | % Change: +3.23%
Volume: 168,600 | Day High/Low: 0.165/0.16 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.18/0.025

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5 stars

Re: Alberta Gov't - call your MLA

Albertan's invested in AOS should call their MLA's and complain that this process is taking too long, they have been keeping AOS shareholders in limbo for month's now... cut the cheque and get on with...read more
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RE:Time To Ride The Bus...Few Takers @ .155

Funds still accumulating. Obviously they know more than we do..  rate and reply
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Time To Ride The Bus...Few Takers @ .155

Well,,Looks like my work here is done. We will not budge from .155 and we've few takers on our consolidated bid so,,,,, Now we know where we stand. My Brokers will grab everything they can fish out...read more
1 star

Overnight moves....

Murphy says: Looks like to Toronto bidders backed out overnight on their 500k bid at .155 Will need to bolster the bid by 500k immediately to push it through. Apparently  the Toronto group doesn't...read more
1.5 stars

Bids are Mounting

I'm all in at .155. Thanks to those of you joining the bid and putting your money and confidence where your mouths are. For the rest of you,,enjoy the feast,,and you're welcome (sorry B)  rate and reply
1 star

C'mon...1mm bid to tilt the bus

Alright,,we're almost there. Lets get our .155 bid up another 437K and we can call it a day.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Look for AOS's African Holdings to Be Cut Loose,,,

Lets not forget..... July of last year the stock was 2 cents. That's a 700% gain in one year.  Let say $5K in a TFSA account will net $35K tax free. or there abouts...( and multiples thereof outside...read more
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Encouraging ABIG to join the bid at.155

Murphy says,,,,The bus will  will tilt is we can up the .155bid to the 1mm mark. Now or never?.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Look for AOS's African Holdings to Be Cut Loose,,,

Sorry wrong board  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:Look for AOS's African Holdings to Be Cut Loose,,,

Who's the idiot selling at .16......... Lol  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Look for AOS's African Holdings to Be Cut Loose,,,

Here is the presentation from May 2013 on Africa holdings etc...How come we are not in Somalia :0)  http://www.aboilsands.ca/_pdfs/AOS%20Presentation%20Website%20-%20May%202013.pdf  SOMALIA...read more
2 stars

RE:RE:Look for AOS's African Holdings to Be Cut Loose,,,

Tax Havens and Zero Tax  zones are left over pipedreams from the 50s. Governments of the day will dictate.  Stability can not be counted on. AOS will get chewed up and spit out in the whole currupt...read more
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RE:Look for AOS's African Holdings to Be Cut Loose,,,

Tax haven.zero taxes. wdr2  rate and reply
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Look for AOS's African Holdings to Be Cut Loose,,,

The new AOS will divest its African Holdings soon after the Government Compo Cheque arrives. Namibia is the graveyard of small dogs and profit through production will not be seen for many years. Our...read more
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RE:RE:Maybe just maybe..........

China’s aggressive entry into African markets—highlighted by billions of dollars in investment and a $200 million “gift” to build a shiny new African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia—are...read more
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RE:Maybe just maybe..........

The Republic of Chad is in Central (north ) Africa... The Republic of Namibia  is in Southern Africa. Having  the Atlantic Ocean for its western border is a big plus.   Geographically they are quite...read more
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Maybe just maybe..........

those African assets are not so bad........this news is quite a shocker...... Glencore bids $1.35bn for Chad oil, gas David McKay | Mon, 14 Apr 2014 14:52 ...read more
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RE:Birdie Wins Truth of the Week Award,,Share prices too high

Thanks energyinv,were  do I pick up the Award , as for my pic that is  the way I feel some days, plucked that is.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:Blackout Period

None. This was a foregone conclusion.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:Blackout Period

XL Pipeline....Will this have any positive effect on AOS going forward. G1945V  rate and reply