2012-12-03 10:01 ET - News Release

Ms. Stella Frias


Angel Gold Corp. has received from the environmental authority (Corantioquia) the administrative resolution that accepted the filed documentation in connection with the environmental permits needed to drill at Buritica West.

The environmental authority resolution states the steps that the company has to follow in order to have the water concession, which is the main environmental permit to drill. Also, the resolution states the laws and regulations that will apply for fees payments and the technical visit needed for the permit approval.

The acceptance by Angel Gold SAS of the terms as determined by the administrative resolution is the first step in perfecting the environmental permits that will allow the company to drill at Buritica West.

In addition, the company is pleased to announce that the preliminary fieldwork needed to start drilling at El Cafetal is complete. The company has applied high standards of social and environmental responsibility to the construction of drill platforms and roads, water quality management, and obtaining the surface usage permits that will allow the company to enter and use third parties' surface properties.

The company is also is pleased to announce the appointment of Marion McGrath as corporate secretary of the company.

Ms. McGrath has been actively engaged in the securities industry for over 25 years. She has served as a director and officer of numerous public companies in a corporate administrative capacity. Ms. McGrath is the owner of iO Corporate Services Ltd., which company provides corporate and accounting services to various publicly traded Canadian companies. Prior to organizing iO Corporate, Ms. McGrath was a senior legal assistant with a Vancouver-based securities law firm.

The company would like to thank Kenneth A. Sadowski for his contribution to the company.

"I am excited about the progress we are making in Colombia, and in a few short months we have advanced several projects forward and added qualified and well-trained people to our team," stated Stella Frias, president and chief executive officer of Angel Gold.

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