According to the Prefeasibility study, Anfield value per share (fully diluted and based on the NPV) is of 30 USD !

Of course, this is only a reference used by Lumina Capital to demonstrate the potential value of this Nickel claim to any interested party. Mention should be made that the price offered in case of Take Over (if any) should be substantially lower. Taking into account the conditions of the current market, some analysts mention a (Take Over) Price of around 7 Cdn$.

The November presentation is now on their website (slightly modified) but without additional indication about the near future. The only “interesting” point is that they are moving towards the Feasibility Study but with a small 5.5 Mio Cdn$ in cash.

You may think that the following information will offer some clues:

Mr David Strang, Chairman of the Company exercised on October 25, 2012 (quite recently) a total of 200,000 stock options (at 1 Cdn$). Note that October 25 is one day after the press release announcing the results of the Prefeasibility Study.


But you will be disappointed to discover that, anyway, those stock options would have expired on November 13, 2012…. (as per Financial Statement).

But still, this is a good sign... Let's see if those 200,000 shares will appear on the market or if Mr Strang will "preciously" keep them...