Adding to my previous post, after further research today:


Lumina Capital Corp owns 35% of issued stock of Anfield.  Lumina's portfolio broken down as follows:

1- Anfield Nickel Corp $62.41M/ 15,005,976 shares / 1,765,000 shares recently purchased / 71.54% of portfolio 

2- CB Gold Inc $13.54M /10,000,000 shares / 10,000,000 shares recently purchased/  15.52 % of portfolio

3- Kivalliq Energy Corp $11.11M / 31,435,714 shares/  8,650,000 recently purchased/  12.73% of portfolio 

4- Blue Sky Uranium Corp $0.18M/ 1,069,245 shares held /   0.21% of portfolio


Anfield represents 71.5% of Lumina Capitals Investment portfolio.  They utilize loans typically structured near 10% to their 'sister' company's instead of owning physical stock like above.  (ref recent loans to LCC and ANF in the past).


Do we really think Lumina Capital will let ANF fail, given such large representation??? Their ownership in ANF provides a very reliable back stop, limiting much of the downside, in my opinion.


There are some deep pockets at Lumina who will surely dress up ANF over and over until the right price is fetched.