Just the way I like it. Very little institutional ownership.  Of the top 10 holders of issued stock (not incl warrants/options) 8 are Individuals, 1 is parent Lumina, 1 is smallish $25M Investment Fund.

If this asset were to go on the sale block, should be very easy to move as aggregate owners are all individuals / insiders. 

If anfield stays trading...looks like there might be another equity raise or "LOC" from Lumina soon.  $11m cash in the bank as of June 30, cash burn rate of $8M semi annually (as per June 30), Equity / Loan may be required Feb / Mar?  Hoping they start marketing this better to raise the share price prior.

@ $137M, this asset could be taken up with a mid-tier's lunch $$.

Certain this ones gonna be a mover