A slip of D. Strongs tongue revealed that the proces of selling the company could be restarted one of the next weeks. Earlier this year the company was nearly sold but with around 7 cad/share it was not enough for Lumina Capital.  End of september/beginning of october 2012 an update on Anfield Nickels underground + economic study (prefeasibility study) will be published.  Also a few mining-licences are being applied for which would lead next year to a ready-to-start miningproject. The news about the renewed sellingproces before the expected update end of september - beginning of october leads to believe that the selling of the company is eminent. The interested parties will probably be the same ones which would be favouralble for an efficient sellingproces. The potential buyer will be able to buy this project with a minimal economic value of 13,7 cad/share and a lot of extra nickelpotential. Therefor a sellingprice of around 9 cad/share is projected being a min. reduction of 34% on the project.