Have you guys read the Sedar disclousre on the Letter of Intent ?  Gilligan gets to roll his share ownership over and get the same ownership percentage in Angoss (he's being rewarded for failure). Angoss is prohibited from even responding to unsolicited inquiries from third parties who might want to pay a higher price.  It's Marty looking after Marty,  with the result being blamed on a manufactured crisis with the Silicon Valley facility (the messaging now is "we didn't realize how constraining the facility  would be", but in the Q3 release (which is the only thing we shareholders have to go by),  Gilligan states he's extremely please with progress to date ?????). Gardner is weary, clearly  throwing in the towel and the cronies on the Board justifying in their own minds that this is the right thing to do (the "blue chippers" are clearly in over their heads with this grimey micro-cap stuff,  and would rather be pretending somewhere else, sipping their Sunday morning mamosa's and leafing through the New York Times).  And Gilligan  was the guy who couldn't even get a meeting with the Board way back when and never publicly referenced a new customer win during his tenure of over 2 years. What a joke.  We'll  get into it in full detail at the meeting.