2GUYS   SO good to hear from you !! Thought you had moved on or dropped dead !! Good to know it wasn't the former !! hahaha

I see you are back to your old " NO SURPRISES " monologue again !!

I think the true " No Surprises " is that you can only keep harping on the same old garbage !

I wonder what you will say when AMY gets its patent approved, and what will you say when AMY get grants and a J/V at some point, and we find out that AMY has made progress in the R&D field, !!!!

Are you still a shareholder or just a loudmouth negative garbage disturber ????? We, who hold

shares in AMY are interested in what is happening with the company and how it is climbing out of its hole and I for one , don't need to read your mindless dribble.   This repeat " NO SURPRISES " is about as sickening as you are !

Go find another group of people to aggrevate.  You must be leading a very dull pointless life these days !!

skyrider 1