"A timeline of events would be much appreciated."


LoL! I guess it would be!  I wish they would say "On Dec 7th we will close PP" and then "On Dec 12th we will release assays"


Truth is.. That's not public knowledge because they don't know themselves.

The PP is full and closed when the last person pays for the last option. That could be today or in a month.

There is no Deadline for that.


The drill results are in the lab. Are there 40 other companies ahead of us? are there 3? Are there dozens of results to get through before AMW? The Results are at the mercy of the lab now. We wait.


Personally, Another couple of weeks before results would be preferable.

Remember most people Buy on Rumors and SELL on news!

I'm holding until AMW is no longer AMW #justsayin