your the blindest crammy I ever met on a blog site, did you forget, what your fine management did with the flow through share money, they paid simply their nice salaries, instead of only allowed usage for exploration & drilling with those funds That did bring down your phony stock. And by the way, the same market situation, which killed almost all the small penny stocks, yours is one under thousands & solely should stay up, your so blind. Your 20 cents did maybe stay for a few days and than like all the rest the bear market did take over, and still is in full force for our trash. I know, what I am talking abourt, I own about 30 of them! Also the management had to sell free shares at higher prices, to go for the cheap stuff with warrants afterwards, because this survavial game is well known, you can not blow sand in my eyes, its just the most common game on the TSX!!! Do you also havethe idea, a one whole wonder of, what was it, 280m with .8g can do the trick?