Sure Mr. Bay! Just for you!  It was, " ASHWHOLE DINO!! "  Oh my my!!  So disgusting!!
Happy now?
You are taking this very personally. C'mon tell us? You're really Dino. Right?
What more do you expect anyone to say of such  a person who's actions and/or lack there of has caused so much discontent and distress for so many shareholders in both companies and fdevelopment delay of Treaty Creek that is ridiculous, probably criminal.
...Actually now I am kind'a proud of that header, as the truth is come to be. Kind'a makes me feel like a prophet but not quite in the magnitude of the great Centaurus.
We all know what the guy was trying to do. Bankrupt AMK!  What he tried was dishonest and he failed and he will pay. Sadly so will all his shareholders.
I'm sorry you must have lost a fortune with TUO, but sitting around on this board trying to raise non-issues and casting inuendo will do nothing to help you. Why keep battering away at AMK? Nobody in AMK had any influence on what Dino has done to hurt his own company so why don't you take your frustrations to the real source on the TUO board?
Cheers Mr. Bay ...Dino?