Quite an unfounded rant, Mr. Bay!!

Once again Mr. Bay you are nothing but lies and deceit. You suggest my posts all are mean spirited and devoid of any redeeming value.  Really? ....and at least I stick to boards of companies I own shares in and have a vested concern to make statements as I feel need be said.

Allow me to present your lie to all the readers here.

If you actually reviewed my AMK posts, the vast majority are purely copies of company news releases with no added comment from me.  Is that what you call mean spirited and no redeeming value? Company News releases? Company news releases are the most updated information from a company and you think it is of little value.  Perhaps then you might have something to do with such pertinent posts/info that the company can be held responsible for,  continually getting knocked down from 5 to 3 or less rating. Only a bitter TUO individual like you are toward AMK would do that.

What more can anyone expect from someone who is so self consumed, self justified and self righteous that you think you are someone to quote scripture and render holy judgment now.  A budding heretic!  You are a bigger joke than Jimmy Swaggart.  How can anyone possibly have anything good to say on your behalf.

As for your prime example,  the horrendous  post #30996665 April 27, 2012 that you say is too vile and repugnant to repost, ..,.........allow me to do it for you,(below) so all the readers can see what an exaggerating B.S.er you are and that it is for the most part only quoting a statement in a letter from AMK management to TUO and a short, well deserved comment from me which has since proven to be the truth.

Under Dino's dictatorship TUO actions or rather lack thereof has cost me and hundreds of AMK shareholders a lot of time and money.  He is also as likely to cost TUO shareholders everything they invested, now down to 0.125.  I hope he gets nailed good with a huge fine and banned from ever having any involvement with a listed  public company.  His actions have negatively affected my interests and of many other people too.  Fortunately the coup de grace will be AMK probably taking over TUO.

BTW, Mr. Bay, take note that after 374 reads the majority must be in greast difference to you since the rating is still 4 !!!!!

May I refer you to Saldo's post #32102024 1/30/2013. The application,  Page 2, Part 2:  Items 6, 7, & 8.

This is the most recent exact same business to do with the same as my ??? vile???? repugnant ???? post.

Read it people and know HornbyBay for what he is, ...."nothing of value".


4/27/2012 10:00:27 PM  |  | 374 reads  | Post #30996665

Overall quality 4

" ...We notified you on September 8, 2009 that we had completed our initial earn-in by spending in excess of $5 million dollars exploring Treaty Creek and asked that you transfer title to us according to the terms of our earn-in agreement.  At your request, on December 1, 2009 we provided you copies of expenditure invoices totaling approximately $6.2 million.  You refused to tell us what expenditures, if any, you disagreed with, and refused to transfer title to American Creek.  As a result, we lost the 2010 and 2011 exploration seasons.  It would be tragic to lose a third season and miss the opportunity to develop what is likely a world-class property ...."

Dino = GREEDY BONEHEADED BULLSITTER !!!!!!!!!! Cost both AMK & TUO shareholders big time and now AMK is being too good to this noron!


That's it folks! ___So vile???___ So repugnant???  __ LMAO *=)) rolling on the floor

Anyone who would be so affected by this post I wonder if Mr. Bay is in fact Dino?

HornbyBay 2103225 is unidentified in AMK's list of antagonists.