I shouldn't think that such a wise and astute investor such as yourself should be enquiring of amateur speculated opinion on a bull board.  I would think you would want your information first hand.

"For further information please contact: Darren R. Blaney, Chief Operating Officer, telephone: (403) 752-4040; fax (403) 752-4020 or email: [email protected]. Information relating to the Corporation is available on its website at www.americancreek.com."


I suggest you make the phone call and stop trying to raise non-issues on a bull board for a company you seem to have no financial interest in. You are just getting yourself in deeper which is sort of nice to watch too.


BTW, your self styled disclaimer relieves you and other TUO antagonists of nothing before the law,  pertaining to AMK's defamation suit and/or your continued posting as such. Your continued presence and posting on this board only adds to your incrimination. Perhaps tou realize you are in so deep now that you have nothing to lose. Another mistake!

I suggest that you get educated as to what exactly, free speech entitles you to say and what exactly constitutes slander, libel and defamation. Intent is a near zero factor if damage and/or hurt have occurred. Compensation is due regardless.

Take note Mr. Bummer et al TUO aliens.