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The law that has been violated is defamation (the posting of untrue information). National Instrument 51-201, Section 6.13 is a regulation of the BCSC, by violating that a company will not face legal sanctions (that comes from the defamation), they will face sanctions from the various regulatory bodies (BCSC, IIROC, TSX, etc.) which may include fines and a possible delisting of the company from the TSX (not sure if the delisting can happen from violation of NI 51-201 or if it will happen because of the defamation). Anyone who does not specifically work for said company does not have to worry about having violated National Instrument 51-201, Section 6.13 as the regulatory bodies have no power over them to impose sanctions, but they still have to worry about the charge of defamation, which is more serious by far to the average joe.


So to review, committing defamation (a Canadian law) and violating NI 51-201 (a BCSC regulation) are two separate things, both can apply to a company (or officers therein), but only defamation can apply to an individual.



Questions for elucido:  Do you still stand-by the content of your Post #31917291 on December 16, 2012?  Do you still maintain that TUO and/or certain individuals violated National Instrument 51-201, Section 6.13?  Or would you rather issue a retraction and apology?  Just asking.  Peace and love.  xoxoxoxo


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