Not a doctor.  Do live near the proposed mine.  I know most of the people I talk to about it are against this mine being forced upon us.  I do have a couple of friends who are for it, but they are vastly outnumbered by the friends against.  Ironically many of those against do not live in aberdeen and one of those for the mine does.

Kamloops isn't a small mining town where we need the Ajax mine to survive.  We've got 80,000 people and one of the lowest unemployment rates in BC.  New Gold and HVC are both hiring if people are qualified.  Getting a decent job here isn't that challenging if you're willing to get an education, or training in a trade.  If you're not willing, well, that's your decision.

If the mine goes ahead I'll be moving out of Kamloops.  Fortunately, while not a doctor, my skill set is in demand.  There are many who are not so lucky, but who already have decent jobs in Kamloops.