What a buy op. for those who've been watching the Big picture. KGHM while into the EAO process, bought Quadra in Vancouver for almost a billion dollars - and all cash I believe. Since then, and flexing their financial muscle they bought the Kamloops Sugarloaf Ranch for another 20 plus million, which is just a drop in the water compared to the Quadra's purchase.


Despite the players and a little corporate shuffling going on, this AME / KGHM financial manouvering recently looks outstanding, and well in hand apparently. Obviously the AME along with the KGHM backing has the financial muscle to meet any future environmental concerns with the Ajax Mine in proposal, and that's despite a small number of just 3 local doctors trying to stir up dust with a local in house survey done.


The publicly released survey does not include 'even one of the other doctors names' that are claimed to have participated - within that in house survey. Either some bad form and/or scare tactics.


As relates to that although, this is a buy op. on AME, with the plan to go 'long' looks pretty good regarding my first two paragraphs. With plenty of financial muscle being shown by KGHM lately, they are most definately going for the GOLD so to speak and the Copper - because that is what they do.


Kamloops Ajax Mine holds the carrot in front of the KGHM's nose with a certified N1 43-101 complaincy and a forecast 23 year mine life .... Yes they are coming for it, (eg: Sugarloaf Ranch Purchase) and quite frankly they have the money behind them, the financial muscle to Get R' Done.


Negateers out there unite. Each to their own opinions. I have had NGD/Afton since 1.74 in my portfolio as an entry point, and YES with lot's of up's and downs before and since during it's growth before 2008 and it's successful merger. Now just look at them today in 2012. From a junior and now to an intermediate player.


I see AME as another Cinderella story, about to unfold. They have the money behind them, the product is certified as real ( meets the NI 43-101 compliancy ), and all that stands between those two things is the time factor. This cinderella story is not a matter of If? in my opinion, it is a matter of when?


Right now, imo - and with all the above knowns .. as credible facts, Ame is a sleeping giant in the making.


NGD/Afton was well worth the wait, for me. I do believe AME is next .... and time will tell.


Each to their own. Negateers unite if in doubt? maybe you'll cause some nervous nellies to fall out of the tree and if so ..... each to their own.



Successful Investing to All