Red, I realize that AME is 3 or 4 years from being a producer. Speaking with long time shareholders, AME has been a bitter disappointment for them as the future is always 3-5 years away. Mr Excel came to AME and had a vision of finding and securing properties to advance the fortunes of AME and it's shareholders. Seems to me the only fortunes he is advancing are his own, this company has been a IR nightmare for the last couple of years and it is difficult to see any work being done by management at this point. As I am only a shareholder, I do not see the internal workings and possibly strategic planning going on but if there is, it is well hidden. I spoke to the IR people and was very dissapointed in the amount of real information they were willing to give out. AME's promoter, T Mikula is always cheerful but none of his enthusiastic babbling ever seems to come true. As with many small companies that have been around a long time, there is a large share structure, management doesn't seem to do much but gets well paid and shareholders get it on the chin. As for DCY, unless they are bought out, they will be in the same boat as every other junior these days, broke with the only way of raising money to pay their management is through equity which then dilutes the other shareholders into oblivion. This game is being played over and over and it's no wonder most investors are steering clear of the market.