So yes, the way forward appears step; still, as before during comparable difficulties, this quagmire can be sorted out; for, in the vast scheme of things, when negotiating such a highly demanding and convoluted path, such bumps in the road do occur with regularity and are, in fact, intrinsic to the territory.  

Who expects otherwise?

The route is seldom easy or smooth for most junior miners, traversing byways and trails dark, intricate, problematic, and in a measure fearful; threading frightful windings that pass around and through thick tangles of doubt; regularly encountering overgrown bulwarks; impediments and snags; confronting congruent hurdles thrown up concurrently; hitting upon dreadful barricades; all this, and so much more, to overcome and surmount along the way.

Notwithstanding everything and despite all appearances that might suggest otherwise, the passage ahead is far easier than the formidable distance already traversed.

So, having already gone so much of the way through this veritable labyrinth (at once elaborate, intimidating, and nearly impenetrable) by vanquishing countless deterrents and starring down a chimera of dreadful aspect, don’t give up.

Speaking plainly, - - - much is going on behind the scenes, some of it very good, with multiple options at play.

Do you realize that a mere 54 people control more than 75% of the stock?

Stay together.

Our collective goal remains attainable.

Can you sense it?

Can you espy it?

Not far off, over there.

 From a vista on the crest of a nearby hill a discerning investor perceiving an extremely undervalued investment opportunity rich with powerful and potent latent possibilities is readying to enter into the fray.