I also hear over and over again how great this company is, how undervalued it is. Check any records available,not one insider has bought in almost a year. Zero,Nil,nada..... JK did need to sell 100,000 shares however. Why buy a stock when shares in lieu are cheaper.  JK is not not working for free.

  If this is such a great wonderful deal, step up. Make an offer. Didn't that happen at the last company? I've been saying this for months. Why doesn't management buy?  Think!

 This is going to happen fast.   I'm glad I don't have a highly regarded advisor who would have blindsided me with the no money,no staements news.  Who could have seen that coming?  Whew, that was close.

I still have my speech ready to say I was wrong. I might need to rewrite it as the paper is turning brown and fading bad. I wish twitter was around way back than.