You’re wrong about my ability to forecast the future, - - - - - I’m retired now but, in my prime, I spent several decades on Wall Street as a Senior Research Analyst, including eight very good years at Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb (back in the good old days when it was amongst the most prestigious investment banking firms ever) and consistently earned a reputation (you know, widely quoted and eminently respected)  as an unsurpassed picker of stocks; in fact, at several brokerage houses I sat on the gatekeeper committee responsible for screening all incoming deals to sift through the piles of proposals to identify a hidden gem exhibiting outstanding investment value; and, for a while, I also worked at the monster commodity dealer J. Aron & Company  (since acquired by Goldman Sachs; but then the most influential global player in that space) as a Precious Metals Analyst; and, I also served a stint at Credit Suisse First Boston’s World Headquarters.