Wow Kid...very noble of you to stake your reputation on a "deal" of which the control and outcome are not your responsibiltiy...hope your prediction comes through,  would really hate to lose the comprehensive insight and knowledge you have contributed to the Alhambra story for so long.  Your posts are truly of the few that have provided anything worth reading....infact, investors would do well to review your history of entries to better understand this undertaking that has been in the works for several years, the arm-chair quarterbacks might then be less willing to critisize the actions of the company.

The success or failure of ALH is not your burden.   Right or wrong...the way I read you, your optimism was always directed toward an opportunity that is very real and no matter the outcome, I understand the Universe does not always allow for all opportunities to come to fruition.  Having said that, I believe this opportunity is not lost and that very few have the vision and skills to complete this journey...just thankful that those at the helm are still in the game despite the trials and tribulations that we all have known and shared from the bleachers.