After going through the journey we have collectively endured it’s terribly easy to overlook the forest for the trees, to entirely miss the big picture by being caught up in the erratic and wacky moment; reinforcing the truth of the ‘proverbial’ saying, "You can't see the forest for the trees".

I’m here to tell you that an immense and wonderful forest is looming on the near-term horizon.

I know, I know. …  you’ve all heard this countless times before and are skeptical to the point of being able to merely see a few withered branches; and no tree, - let alone a magnificent forest, but, - - -  I’m laying my reputation and credibility on the line, putting everything at stake:

If we don’t get a really nice deal within a month I will never ever again be heard from.

Just as the musical notes and tones become harmonious through the relation of one with another and front and back follow one another; so too shall our dreams and aspirations soon come to pass.

  • Negotiations, and a sensible fundamental understanding, have reached an advanced stage and an extremely exciting outcome is in the works.