I agree that things are taking so long and now we start to question the validity of the information. I as well feel that management is truly working to get this done.The problem is  Alhambra is a small company and the sharks will smell blood and sense desperation if they flinch .Alhambra is not alone in trying to acquire financing.There are so many companies in the same predicament, a good asset but  not enough money to effectively move foreward.Many large cap companies are now trading at  or below asset value, great names,great holdings but their share prices are not reflecting this.What do you do? Sell at this level does not make sense, even if you could get out. The people involved have the expertise in negotiating in the area they have been in Kazakhstan for a long time so if I am a long term investor I want that team intact .I think you have  to hope that everything works out and the management is able to provide the foundation to build a major gold mine because at this stage what choice is there.