Gold price and HUI are giving mixed signal. Until they work themselves out, it won't matter what the news Alhambrqa announces. The only possible news will be financing agreement which I am not worried about.

As far as name change, it is irrelevant in this gold shares environment. Look at all the good companies whose shares are selling at fire sale prices. Alhambra is not alone. It will inevitably rise from the ashes.

If HUI goes down to 150 level like in 2008, let them push it to an extreme fire sale prices. I will just accumulate more. Gold shares are worth way more than they are selling.

Ultimately, for this time frame, it all comes down to what next move the powers that be make. they have the power to send the price of gold much lower but it does have consequences. Most pessismistic view of when the gold share bull gets going is no later than mid 2014 but likely a lot sooner - maybe next month or two.