Finally some quick decisions on the financing with MINT as they  realize that the junior mining market
is a gong show with a vast majority just hanging on. Alhambra is in a little better position with some cash flow and production.I have no choice at these  levels but to hang on and wait for the financing news.The release said that they can do a financing at the lower level of .20 it does not mean that they will.This gives them more flexibility and more time if necessary.But, I will never ever invest in junior mining stocks again as the time is always way longer and more mentally exhausting than the  medium cap to large cap stocks of great companies and  that over time do much better.Having said that this stock could easily have a large run very soon . There are a number of different scenarios that could transpire and all must address the issue of more money.I believe that we are very close to getting everything completed and this will probably be the low point.