So, here we are...several years and several crisis beat to hell, investors worn out, stock price and volume dismal... running low on cash and options...the entire junior gold mining sector in distress...sheesh...on paper a succesful outcome may seem unlikely, outlandish to even contemplate, simply not possible....and yet, remarkably there is some hope.  ALH likely holds one of the largest gold deposits in the world...this based on confirmed reports of small samples of likely massive trends this resource company is sitting on.  Furthermore, I have seen and been a part of companies in worse condition, I have been there when the last rights have been read...dirt has been thrown on the coffin...and collectively, not willing to go.... we fought, we climbed out of the abyss and have had tremendous success.  The key is the people, the team...the management.  As long as there is some fight, some guts left...there can be glory.  Folks...I wouldn't bet against this group, they have some fight left, they have the guts...and the glory is in the dirt...ready for the taking.