What a phenomenal ‘intersection’.

Simply fantastic.

To be able to stand on the surface and drill a hole 444 feet into the ground (135.6 meters) and encounter nothing but a continuous interval consisting of higher-grade gold mineralization (averaging 1.12 g/t Au down-hole) really is something special; especially when this same diamond drill hole also encountered an additional 18.2 meters (another 60 feet) of 1.56 g/t Au from 141.6 to 159.8 meters (including 11.2 meters at 2.26 g/t Au) and, - remains open at depth heading into the most prospective territory.

  • A high-grade pay zone extending 500 feet and open at depth within the same major flexure that hosts two world class gold fields only a few miles away.
  • A domain where large very-high-grade ‘deep’ gold deposits are customary within this particular gold belt.