I’m not troubled by perpetual ‘delays’; quite to the contrary, - success (in getting mineral deposit projects from a glint in the eye to fruition) more often than not entail such prolonged hardships and a need to overcome frequent setbacks; for, (even in the best of circumstances) this type of endeavor simply does not lend itself to progressing along precise timelines nor marching forward in an orderly progression, - proceeding instead through arduous fits and starts. Sorry. Just the way it is.

Anyway, why so much gloom? Alhambra has well in hand three advanced projects containing significant gold deposits where an enormous amount of additional resources are likely obtainable through just deeper extension and closer-spaced in-fill drilling. Even so, success to date is quite likely just the tip of an extensive ‘iceberg’; with gravity and magnetic surveys of the south-eastern flank of its license area establishing the presence of gold formations that possibly extend throughout the entire ‘Dombraly-Shirotnaia gold trend’ to such an extent that it may come to pass (but certainly not within the next three months) that this ‘play’ turns out to be a single widely dispersed world-class mineral ‘deposit’.

So, what’s not to like? It is simply not possible to emphasize enough just how extremely large the potential is that resides within the prolific Dombraly-Shirotnaia expanse.

Oh, and by the way,                                                                                                                                                                       …   Uzboy will produce 200,000 ounces annually over a long mine life.