The american dream is now the american nightmare.  US is only 10% of the global economy but holds 30% of the 'wealth' and only 400 people control 25% of the 30%. The only solution is for the 225 million consumers is for the US paper money machine to expand by 50% and the US dollar decrease by 30% more and try to install a minimum tax.   This will take gold to well above $2,000; probably to US $3,000 in 5 to 7 years. 

The fed will have to expand their balance sheet once again likely by another 2 trillion.  When that happens, companies that are well positioned with world class gold assets and production (in the future, gold companies will keep 1/3 of their gold as insurance due to the continued decay in the paper currencies) will be the first choice for investors. 

Bernanke will retire.  Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet will be writing books to include why gold is a bad investment. Hey, maybe they will give Bernanke, Munger and Buffet each a GOLD WATCH !!  That's when Charlie just may realize (oh the satire) that gold and its benefits are necessary for 'civilized folk too!'

Alhambra, in five years, may become a very significant glittering target in the world of gold discovery and development especially if gold heads higher, much higher. 

We will watch and time will tell.