Strategic partner or not, may wish to prepare for the long haul.  Invester sentiment in small and micro cap resource stocks is dismal, brutal actually.  The stock performance of ALH is not a reflection of the progress the company has made at all.  Fundamentals in this entire industry are the main cause and can be attributed to several name but a few:

China's slow growth, Japans Tsunami, banks reluctance to bank-roll an industry where rising capital and operating costs are escalting (higher interest rates, oil prices etc., QE3 is stalled, Europes economic woes...I could go on...the picture is clear, at the moment, small cap gold stocks are a great place to accumulate for the long term...  Short term, (3 months) don't hold your breath. 

Great things will happen with Alhambra this year, however the benefits may not be realized as one would hope.  I have recalibrated my expectations dramatically and will for the time being accumulate when the opportuntiy arises and will hold until the climate in this particular industry warms up a little.  I am confident returns of 20 to 30 fold in the next few years would be a probable expectation...for that kind of return, I will be patient.