You are correct my opinion they have given up on CMA.  Needless to say they cannot dump all their shares at one time basic law of supply and demand their is no demand price falls.  As I said they will continue to see every time a small run occurs.  If you watch them closely you will see their selling patterns not just this one!

Is there any future for this one?  Maybe but I doubt it!  I suspect we will see it survive but after a roll back and financing.  Again my opinion!  There is just so much out there that is so cheap I am not sure anyone would want this one anymore unless it was for a song which really doesn;t change much the song is there now!

The Question being is how long can they last with their current cash situation that is the key all these development type companies are waiting for the same thing a market turn where speculators will drive the price up a but for a fianancing.  It better happen soon or there will be alot of them going by the wayside.