I am not sure I would be so quick to call someone a liar I have often made a good call at the right time given at any given time I own in exess of 50 companies I better make the odd good call at the right time lol!  As for this one I called it right from the start and you can check my posts to verify.  I was in fact in and out of this one profitably 6 times and never hit the top as I was always contented taking my profits and running given I invest in these with the power of compounding in mind and the first loss is you best loss. 

In this situation I never got to sell at the top but I never got caught as I made sure I was happy to take reasonable profits given the drill results were always indicative as to what was coming.  Simply stated when you for example see average grade of 2 gpt and widths of 10 metres and results are coming in at half that it is not rocket science to see that much of the inferred or what I like to call pretend ounces do not exists.

History and experience tells me that inferred ounces are very un-predictable and seldom over-deliver but do often under-deliver so one must make sure they do not get caught when it comes time for the resource update!  And yes I have been caught hence you learn by experiece.  So for those who got nipped this time hopefully next time they listen to people like myself who are trying to relate experience rather than getting their backs up and calling eveyone who does not say everything positive a basher!

Good Investing and keep on the right side of the grass!