Just went to the website to check Augila out and came across this shocking statement

4.8km Strike Length x 75m wide x 3.67 g/Mt Gold

source - http://www.aguilaamerican.ca/key-mineralization.html

And only just above that it states Zone one is only 150 m long and 30 m wide !  Meanwhile, all 6 (yes, only six!!) of the reported trench samples average only 5.63 metres.

If you take their assumption that gold is continuously 3.67 g/t over the 4.8K with a width of 75m then assume a depth of only 100m with a specific gravity of 2.8  [(4,800x75x100) x 2.8 x (3.67/32)] you get 11.56 million ounces !!  Yup, that's the calculation they want you to make. And they only report a total of 6 trenches.

How can their P.Geo's allow that kind of public disclosure? 

Heads up!  Do your due dilligence... What else are these guys saying???