excerpt from Kitco interview today with Lawrence Roulston.....


LR: A lot of people recognize the long-term fundamentals in gold and the mining industry in general, but they are terrified about the situation in Europe and they're standing back. They're waiting for a signal that the markets are at the bottom. Nobody is going to ring a bell to announce that the market is at the bottom. We saw in the early part of 2009 how quickly the markets could rebound. Within a couple of weeks, the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture Index was up 50% and went on to triple over the next two years.

TGR: We could be in a similar situation.

LR: I believe we are. The really important point is that the high-quality companies are already seeing strong bases building in their share prices and many of them, in fact, are beginning to trend upward. If people wait until there's a signal that the markets are on the way up, it's going to be too late to get a position in the good-quality companies.