Nice post yixter.

I have bought AGA at 0.02, 0.025 and 0.03.  I will keep averaging up if the trade keeps working out.

Some of the facts from my DD.

1.  Core sample results should be out soon.

2.  As of Oct 26th 2012 they had 250,000$ cash (enough to keep the lights on so to speak)

3.  Insiders bought approx 600K shares on friday, which would have been at 0.025 and 0.03.

4.  The previous PP shares do not come free trading until dec 31st 2012 (so those shouldn't 

come to market for a bit).

5.  In my opinion AGA should recover to 5 cents (as one seller essentially knocked it down to 0.02).  With

decent gold results it could see 10 cents very quickly.

As always do your own DD.  Cheers