Gulf of Aden Security Review - February 13, 2013
Horn of Africa Security Brief
Al Shabaab attacked Baidoa, Bay region on February 12. Both al Shabaab and the Somali government troops stationed in the town used heavy artillery during the fight. Casualties are confirmed but exact numbers are not known.
Al Shabaab spokesman Abdi Aziz Abu Mus’ab said that his terrorist organization will continue its bombing campaign in Somalia. He threatened continued attacks like the bombing that targeted a Puntland security official in Galkayo on February 11.
This company has no major production, no big revenue per month coming in and nothing much but a speculative license - and its trading way way above their cash in the bank level and no imminent drilling of anything.
Which says the share price will always be dripping downwards apart from when it gets ramped or there is a bit of news - but the trend is going to be down apart from those spikes.
20c coming soon